Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teatime at the Spa

Well, OK, I haven't really been to the spa, but thanks to a thoughtful friend I have some new "True Blue Spa" products made with tea from Bath and Body Works, and these are some of the yummiest things I've used in ages.

For Heaven's Saké (heaven's saké! how funny!), a bath and body wash, is made with Japanese saké but also with camellia sinensis leaf extract. In the shower, this oil-to-cream body wash works up to a rich lather, and the scent is just divine.

Equally yummy is this Self Meditating Body Butter. (I have to say that the editor in me wonders how a CREAM can be self meditating. Or am *I* supposed to meditate on self while I'm using it? I'm self-centered enough as it is, thank you, so I think I'll let the cream worry about the self meditating). At any rate, the body butter is made with rice bran oil and green tea. Great products, and a great gift!


  1. I love the shower gel also- and you are right is does smell sooo good.

  2. Those products sound great. I haven't tried those particular True Blue Spa items, but I did stock up on some other Bath & Body Works products featuring tea at their semi-annual sale. I bought White Tea and Ginger body cream and Dancing Waters hand soap with green tea extract and shea butter.

  3. What will they think of next? :-) Enjoy!


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