Friday, June 13, 2008

On miniature teacups

Many are the tea things I have collected over the years, but one of the few objects I have managed to refrain from collecting is the miniature teacup and saucer set. These are often very cute and easy to find, but you can't really use them, and they take up lots of valuable space that could best be used on adult-sized pieces like the full-sized trio shown here. So, I rarely buy tea miniatures.

But then there was this, on sale for just a dollar at a local thrift shop. I thought it was so pretty, and maybe I can think of a "useful" use for it. (I'm a firm believer in that old William Morris quote: "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.")

But the main reason I bought this is that it's obviously a relative of the set of six trios I received as a gift many years ago. A friend of mine's mother found these at a flea market in Arkansas and thought I would really like them, and she was right! I've actually seen a matching teapot in a tea cookbook, but never any of the other serving pieces. Maybe this miniature set is a sign of things to come!


Christa said...

Hey Angela, you got me thinking about uses for those cute tiny teacups. I have seen an adorable wreath decorated with tiny tea sets and flowers. Also when hosting a tea party little (tea ;) lights would be cute in them. Last that I can think of would be on your desk to hold paper clips etc. That is it for now. Take care :)

Angela McRae said...

GREAT suggestions, Christa! Thank you!

Gerri said...

We often do tea parties for friends and we serve a small portion of lemon sorbet as a "palate cleanser". Miniature teacups and saucers are the perfect size!

Denise ~ Charleston, South Carolina. said...

I have about half a dozen demi teacups. I've hung the prettier ones using beautiful sheer white ribbon on my Christmas tree. I also use these little cups for my grandsons when they come over for tea. They are just the right size for their little fingers and the cup isn't too heavy when filled with tea.

Anonymous said...

i have loved this blog ever since i first discovered it..
could you please contact me--?
i have some tea questions...
i know you could answer:)
and it would take too long here!!!
thank you!
Connie Govea Stuart

Anonymous said...

I gave my niece a baby shower and we used them as party favors. We filled them with Jordan almonds, placed the cup and saucer in the middle of a tuille round, and tied them with blue ribbons along with a poem:

With lemon, sugar and tea,
This little cup
Won't fill you up.
Instead it overflows
With love to you from me,
As a way of saying
Thank you for attending
My baby shower tea!

parTea lady said...

That is a lovely miniature cup and saucer. It would be perfect for a tea tree. I put up a tabletop Christmas tree in my dining room each year. It is loaded with tiny cups, teapots, tea spoons, mini tea trays, creamers, etc. that I have collected over the years. I would leave it up year round if I could.

Mrs Woo said...

Hiya! I'm hunting teeny tiny teacups, like dollhouse size! Any ideas?