Friday, April 11, 2008

A Vintage Tea Video!

Our thoughtful Tea With Friends reader Dana in Atlanta has shared a link to a wonderful 1946 video about arranging the tea table. Boy, does that type of film take me back to the educational filmstrips of elementary school. I remember the sound of that scratchy film projector ... even the jumps in the tape were just delightful. Enjoy! (And thanks for sharing, Dana. Love it!)

Go here to watch.


  1. Oh my! I'll have to discard all my damask tablecloths for some with cutwork! Too fun, I

  2. How interesting!

    Yes, I think we watched the same movies in school. And I think that same man narrated them all! That's the first thing I noticed. Why not a female voice?

    And why didn't they use saucers with the cups?

  3. That's exactly what one of my (male) Baby Boomer co-workers noticed this afternoon, that the same man narrated all of these films. Funny!

  4. Too funny, yet slightly sad too! Why the need, back then, to even make this tape? And who put the money into making it?
    You would think that they would use the classic tea and toast plates and cups (snack sets) for their buffet. Susan

  5. Fun, fun! Thank you - I would like to share this, too!


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