Friday, April 4, 2008

Twinings Tea Memorabilia

During my recent interview with Tea Party Girl, I mentioned some Parker pens with the Twinings logo that I found on eBay several years ago. Candyce has asked to see a picture, so here you go! I like the fact the pens were made in the colors of the Darjeeling, English Breakfast and Camomile flavors of tea.

And here is the book I found on eBay about the same time, "Twinings: Two Hundred and Fifty Years of Tea and Coffee 1706-1956." This book by Stephen Twining was published in 1956 to commemorate the company's 250th anniversary.

And this oversized teacup (minus its saucer, but oh well) was a flea market find, not an eBay find, purchased for $3 back when the wonderful old Lakewood Flea Market in Atlanta was still going strong. On this side, a likeness of founder Thomas Twining (and his curly perm), and on the back ...

... a drawing of the Twinings Shop at The Strand in London. I've been there, and it's incredible to think that the entrance is the same one tea lovers have been passing through to participate in the tea trade since 1706. If you're a collector, it's always fun to search out pieces related to one of the big names in the world of tea, and Twinings is certainly that.


  1. Love the Parker pens with Twinings logo. I will have to start looking for other tea logo products. I do have a Tetley tea logo teapot.

    I haven't seen that book before. Guess I need to start browsing eBay. Your flea market find is also nice even without its saucer.

    I'll miss your post while I'm away next week, but it will be fun to catch up when I return. Thank you for always finding something interesting for us tea enthusiasts.

  2. The pens are just beautiful--so bright! Are they fountain pens?Thank you so much for the excellent photo.

    I went into a little Twining tea store when we were in London in August. I thought I would get back to it but it didn't work out and I was most disappointed. I did buy their Everyday Tea in the market and it was full bodied and quite good.

    The book is quite a find, too.

    Because of your blog I realized Victoria Magazine was back in print and picked a copy up today.


  3. You will soon have your very own tea museum. Visited this one a while back and loved it:

    I really enjoy seeing the tea-related items that you find!

  4. Angela, you have the best things! Thanks for sharing & for alway enlighting us on all there is out there related to tea. There truly is a treasure trove of items to be had- (well for those who know how to find them!) The rest of us will have to just take pleasure in seeing all your great finds. This site is one of the highlights of my day!

  5. Candyce, they are rollerball pens and write really well. As with all my tea "stuff," I do actually use these sometimes!

  6. Alice Arant-CousinsDecember 8, 2008 at 2:46 PM

    To Angela McRae
    I have 3 of the Twinings Shop in the Strand London oversized teacups and saucers which I got on my 45th birthday. They are well used by us but now that my daughter is getting married, I would like a 4th. If you ever plan on selling yours would you consider me? I understand it has no saucer. The matching saucer is nice, large and you can place small food or even a tea ball in alongside the cup.
    Alice Arant-Cousins


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