Monday, April 7, 2008

Singing the blues

The big news at my house this weekend was that while I was away shopping with my mother on Saturday, my sweet husband was busy painting the living room and dining room that pretty blue color I've been wanting for so long. (Although I volunteered to hang around and supervise, he was strangely insistent that I carry on with my usual plans.) And he did a great job! For anyone who's in the market for a nice blue, I am thrilled to report that Lowe's Seaside Retreat collection has a great color called Porch Swing, and the walls look exactly like the paint chip. Cool!

We kept the tan color above the white chair rail, so the blue appears only on the bottom half of the walls. Here, we like how it brings out the blue tinting on this antique photo of DH's Uncle Roy.

On the hearth, I had to replace the earth toned flowers and teapot I'd had sitting on the Exhibition Tea Chest. This blue and brown set was something I received as a gift a year or two ago and had waiting for the new paint scheme. I'm definitely in the market for other blue tea accessories, so I'm sure I'll be "singing the blues" with my decor for many days to come.

And finally, with all the talk about color this weekend, I thought I'd end on a little trivia note: Which tea is sometimes known as "blue tea"? If you don't know, I'll have the answer for you tomorrow!


  1. Love your blog! I found it by accident several weeks ago, and have been dropping by every day now. Am working on reading your archives too,and enjoying every single one.You sound so much like me that I think we might possibly be long-lost twins. I adore tea, have lots of the same pretty china that you do, enjoy shopping at the same stores that you do (Marshall's, Ross, and T.J.Maxx, etc.), and have a similar sweet husband. So glad I found this blog! ~~Carol in So. Cal

  2. Oh, it looks great! And I adore that blue-brown tea pot! Your hubby has done a fine job painting and you chose a great color!

  3. Hi Angela,
    Your new blue is "bluetiful", and the same for your new tea set. What a perfect match.
    As for the blue tea, is it Oolong? I think I've heard that before.

  4. The colors look great. Also, I love the blue and brown teapot.


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