Thursday, April 10, 2008

A New Tea Time Bracelet

Some weeks ago, I heard from an old friend "back home," Angie, who kindly wrote to tell me she had come across a new piece of jewelry she thought I would like. It was the "Tea Time" bracelet from Premier Designs jewelry, and she'd seen it in a catalog and wanted to pass along the info.

The name Premier Designs rang a bell, and I had a vague memory of going to a Premier Designs party at a friend's home once, but that had been years ago. Then I did a search on eBay, and there indeed was the bracelet, but the seller said in no uncertain terms that hers was a "smoking" home and that both she and her pets shed, and if we didn't like that, we shouldn't bid on her auction. "Well, allrighty then!" I thought, and I didn't! A couple of weeks went by and I got an e-mail from a co-worker. Her daughter was selling Premier Designs jewelry, she said, and there would be a brief jewelry showing in our break room at lunch that Friday. Perfect! And of course you know what I ordered!

This was a bit expensive for costume jewelry ($36), but I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of this piece AND the fact it comes with a lifetime guarantee, so I'm actually glad I didn't end up buying this cheaper on eBay. I like the antiqued look of the charms, the nice weight of the charms, and the fact some of the links have a rope-like finish. Bracelets are my favorite pieces of jewelry, and this one even comes with a teeny little spoon on the toggle clasp. It's the perfect thing to wear to teatime! (Thanks for the tip, Angie!)


  1. What a great bracelet. For years I have been adding to a charm bracelet that my husband gave me and my daughters had always given me charms for birthdays etc, one year they gave me a teapot and tea cup with a spoon attached. I love it too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely! I have some other Premier jewelry, and I'm really pleased with the quality.

  3. That is a lovely bracelet. I went to a Premier Designs jewelry party a few years ago and that was one piece that I had my eye on. I wish I had purchased it then.


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