Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My interview with "Tea Party Girl"

Back in February, I wrote a post about finally finding my "Holy Grail" of teacups on eBay. It was the Wedgwood Bicentary Celebration teacup and saucer featuring a facsimile of the handwriting of potter Josiah Wedgwood. To my utter surprise, fellow tea blogger Jenny Wells had read this post and wanted to interview me about my eBay tea finds for a podcast on her blog, Tea Party Girl.

Well of course I said yes! And just as with the other times I've agreed to "speak" instead of "write" about a topic, I immediately began to think "Oh my, what have I done?" Speaking to the local civic group is one thing, but being interviewed by a tea expert in California was quite another! I needn't have worried, though. Jenny made this so easy and was such a gracious host, I was instantly at ease.

And if you haven't visited her blog before, you are in for a treat! Jenny provides a wealth of information to help tea newbies (and oldies, for that matter) learn all the basics of teatime. I think her site has a lovely header (the graphic up top), and her information is very well-organized. She's also made it super easy to listen to our interview: just click the arrow on the post on her blog, adjust the volume on your computer, and you're off! Jenny also was kind enough to share the audio file with me, and I'll be approaching my more tech-savvy co-workers to help me figure out how to post it on THIS blog, so look for it in a link at right. I've already heard from two kind ladies who listened to the podcast and enjoyed it, which was just great. Thanks again, Jenny, for the fun opportunity!


  1. I really enjoyed listening to your interview with Jenny Wells. Thanks for lots of good information on tea and collecting. She is so right about how your many photos enhance your already entertaining blog.

    Also, I like that you remind us that even if we can't own a Wedgwood jasperware teapot, there are many lovely tea things in every price range. My Wedgwood is a set of creamware (or Queen's Ware) dishes that I really enjoy.

  2. I enjoyed your interview so much. I will not be more savvy when shopping on ebay. I felt very much the same with so much that you said. I enjoy using my tea things too.

    I would love to see a photo of the Twining pen. I too love tea and pens.

    I am so glad we have the internet and can so easily have a blog and interview and share it with others.


  3. It was a positive experience for both of us! I'm thankful for the new connections we both made through the process. Look forward to the day we can meet over a true tea table (vs. a virtual one!).

    Best to you and yours

  4. I agree! It was fantastic! And so fun to hear your voice.


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