Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grassroots Tea Zone Tonic

A few weeks ago when I wrote about one of my new tea cosmetic finds, a reader mentioned a particular tea soap she liked, and I knew this line of products was carried by the store Kohl's. Since we have one of these stores here in Newnan, I stopped by to look for the soap. While I didn't find that, what I DID find was this Grassroots Tea Zone face tonic with Sage, Mint and Green Tea. Since the Clinique toner I had been using was getting a little harsh, this $10 tonic seemed worth a try. After about two weeks of use, I'm happy to report that I love it! I noticed that in addition to green tea leaf extract, the tonic also lists maté extract as an ingredient.

While I was at Kohl's, I picked up their brochure about the entire Grassroots line of skin care products. These "naturally-sourced products" are custom blended from pure essential oils and don't contain animal ingredients, artificial colors or fragrances. Here, you can see the brochure page which includes "Feast Your Eyes" eye balm made with Green Tea.

After reading through the brochure, I found this line actually includes quite a few products made with tea. There is "Liquid Alarm Clock," a shower gel made with green tea and maté tea; "Your Cup of Tea," a bath infusion made with white tea; and "Time to Shine," a shampoo and conditioner made with maté herbal tea. There are also a few other hair styling products that include tea as an ingredient. If you don't have a Kohl's store to visit, you can find out more about these products at Let us know if you try one of these and recommend it!

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  1. Oh, these products sound wonderful. I really want to try their Feast Your Eyes cream. It even contains camellia sinesis leaf extract - the green tea that you mentioned. Thanks for the info on these natural products.


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