Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Tale of Two Teacups

Merry day-after-Christmas! I hope yours was as good as mine. My husband and I went to my parents' house, where Mom had the usual huge, delicious dinner. Along with my aunt and sister's family, we opened tons of presents before recovering enough to eat more sweets. Then it was home, where I was happy to take a nap and finish reading a new book (a terrific book which I'll be telling you about soon). This morning, I saw on TV where some folks are already lined up at the malls to take back some of their gifts. Shudder, shudder, shudder. I am quite blessed that friends and family all got me things I love, so there's no "return desk" in my future. But when you get so many pieces with pink roses on them, there's no need to return!

Case in point: My DH tends to get me teawares and jewelry (in recent years, silver Pandora beads, and this year he has filled up the bracelet, I think). I am accumulating a lovely collection of pink rose teacups thanks to him, and Christmas was no exception. This time I got a great teacup and saucer set in the Centennial Rose pattern by Royal Albert (top photo). On Christmas Eve, he stood staring at the Old Country Roses set in my tea cabinet (above). Uh-oh, he said. What? I asked. I think I got you a duplicate of something, he said. I told him not to worry, that if it was a duplicate OCR that would be just fine. Turns out it wasn't a duplicate at all, even if it was a member of the same china family, so to speak. Either way would have been fine, but I was especially glad to get a new pattern with pink roses on it.

And speaking of pink ... this doesn't have roses on it, but I wanted you to see one of my favorite gifts, this pink-hued painting by my sweet eight-year-old niece, Cari. Can you believe she painted this just for me? It is proudly hanging in my sewing room. (She was here Christmas Eve and called it my "designing room," a term I rather liked.) It's so nice to receive a gift you wouldn't dream of returning! And so, I end this post wishing you, if necessary, many happy returns today!


  1. How do you like the OCR tea, pictured in the second picture?

    I got the OCR tea chest for Christmas. Can't wait to fill it with some of my favorite tea bags.

  2. Ginger, I bought that tea probably more than two years ago and it still tastes great! I bought the tin because it was so pretty and matched a few other things, so it was a nice surprise that the tea was extra tasty as well! Hope you enjoy your new tea chest ... I haven't seen that and will have to be on the lookout!

  3. Your niece is incredibly talented! This looks like a masterpiece!

  4. Thanks, Steph, I'll tell her you said so!


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