Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Snowflake Tea Set from Summer

Not long ago, I was thinking about what artwork I want to have at the top of this blog during the winter. It's easy to use the floral teawares in spring, summer and fall, but I just don't think there are very many teawares that say "winter."

On Monday, my co-worker Summer told me she'd been helping clean out her grandmother's garage and came across a snowflake tea set she thought I might be interested in. Would I?

Indeed yes! The set magically appeared on my desk a short while later, and I took it home and unwrapped it all. Now I'm trying to think of some winter-themed tea "accessories" I can photograph, and you can be sure they'll be pictured alongside this unexpected, delightful new gift. So there you go: Summer helped solve my problem about Winter. Cool, huh!

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  1. Beautiful!!!! You have been blessed!!! Merry Christmas Angela!!! tammyp


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