Monday, December 17, 2007

The Pink Tea Tree

Finally, I have the Christmas decorations in place! My dilemma this year was that I never found a "theme" to organize around. I've decorated with Victorian pink ornaments, chunky (think "forties") light strands and tinsel, and even the silver aluminum tree so central to my earliest Christmas memories. So I went with the silver tree in the living room this year, but over the weekend I found a new tabletop tree, this pink tree from Hobby Lobby, on sale for half off. It is the perfect new home for my teapot and teacup ornaments.

As I pulled the ornaments out of their wrappings, I was struck by how very many of these were gifts. Out of 25 ornaments, I believe only three are pieces I bought for myself. One of the first teapot ornaments I ever received was this musical one from a friend who said she thought of me when she saw it at the San Francisco Music Box Company. I've had it for years now, and it still plays "My Favorite Things" just beautifully.

I have more teapot ornaments than teacup ornaments. My friend Beth gave me this chintz teacup ornament last year, I believe, one of only a few chintz ornaments in the group.

The large pink ornament at back was from my friend Elizabeth in Arkansas, and the classic Old Country Roses ornament in front was a gift from my friend Sandra.

This teapot ornament, from my friend Susan, has long been a favorite.

This blue one I must have bought for myself, but I can't remember when or where or why. I like the effect of all these ornaments on the pink tree so much, I may move this to my craft/sewing room when Christmas is over and enjoy it all year long.


  1. I love your tree! So pretty, and what a great eye, finding it half off! That makes it even better.

  2. Your tree is beautiful. I think you should move it to your craft/sewing room and enjoy it all year.

  3. What fun it is to have a tea tree - and the pink tree highlights the pinks in the ornaments. What a fun collection. I have a tea tree also, which I pack away at the end of the holiday (photos at It's always a shame to put it away for the year, but with a pink tree, I think you will be able to keep it on display in your craft room. What a fun thing! Nancy

  4. Your tea tree is wonderful. Pink is the perfect color for tea ornaments. In deed, you should keep it up all year. How tall is your tree? I like your new Hobby Lobby ornaments on it as well. Thanks for sharing the pictures and history of some of your collection.

  5. What a fabulous tree on which to display your tea themed ornaments. The whole effect is really lovely.


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