Friday, December 7, 2007

My first knitted tea cozy

Last night while watching the cable news shows, I was finishing knitting up my first tea cozy. At the time I really wasn't that interested in the possibility we'll have the first Mormon president, the first woman president, or the first black president, but I would have been quite interested if you had told me we might have the first knitter president. Maybe that candidate could tell me how the dickens to "M1" in the world of knitting direction! This surprise abbreviation appeared at the very end of my cozy knitting, and the glossary said it means to "Make 1 by picking up thread before next st and K into back of it." Huh? I am not an experienced knitter and had to really wing it on this one.

I must also confess that silly me, I didn't realize you are also supposed to knit a LINER -- to keep that teapot really, really snug and cozy, I suppose-y. And I just don't feel like doing that, because my cozy was more for looks anyway. I never let tea sit around long enough to get cold. So ... I slipped it onto my 6-cup Brown Betty teapot, but the cozy was too large and I nearly lost her! "Betty! Helloooooo! Are you in there???"

Then I remembered that humongous 12-cup teapot (with spout) I got last summer. Perfect! Well, "perfect-except-for-the-spout," but still. I have a teapot to model my first knitted tea cozy, and I have now knitted something a bit more challenging than a simple square dishcloth. Next time, maybe I'll even knit the liner!


  1. I am loving your blog. That is a sweet tea cozy. I would love to knit one like that. Would you want to share the pattern?

  2. Hi, Judy, and thanks for the nice comments! The pattern is from the book "Tea Cozies" by the Guild of Master Craftsmen. It is definitely worth getting if you're a knitter and a tea lover!

  3. Your tea cozy looks pretty and has encouraged me to try and knit my first one. I am also pretty much a beginning knitter. Where can I purchase the the book Tea Cozies from the Guild of Master Craftsmen?

  4. Mar, it's currently listed on Amazon and eBay. Good luck!


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