Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas ornaments for tea lovers

Yesterday was the annual Christms shopping day for my mom, aunt, sister, nieces and me. We've found a weekday early in December works well for power shopping. You avoid the weekend crowd, and shopping with my nieces along insures they get a garment they will wear (some cute jackets, this year). I also found a great deal on a tea gift for a friend, but since that friend reads this blog we can't go THERE, can we?

I can say, however, that on the way back home last night, I stopped by a Hobby Lobby store and found some tea-themed ornaments, the first new designs I've seen this year. (HomeGoods stores have some porcelain ones, but I've already got some of them.) These from Hobby Lobby are inexpensive little glass ornaments (they're currently half-off), and I really like the spoon and cookie accents on the teacup ornament at top. The other ornament was interesting because it says "Herbal Tea." I guess some marketer knew that was a term that would catch somebody's eye, eh?

The teacup ornaments in my collection probably number about two dozen (I'll need to count when I decorate the Christmas tree), and some of them are so pretty, I keep them on display all year round. Have any of you seen tea ornaments anywhere this year? Care to share?


  1. What darling wish we had Hobby Lobby in our neck of the woods. I have some bone china Old Country Roses tea bag holders which are shaped like the OCR tea pot. I can put a ribbon through the handle and use them as ornaments on the tree.

    Were the Hobby Lobby ornaments reasonably priced?

    Love your amazes me that you can post a tea theme post every day...I thought I enjoyed everything tea ;o) GREAT blog.

  2. Thanks so much for the nice comments! (I think I must have some of the kindest readers in all of blogdom.) And YES, the ornaments were quite reasonable. They were half off the $4.99 (teacup one) and $5.99 (herbal tea one) prices, so that was about $5.50 for two glass ornaments, which I didn't think was bad at all. And I hadn't thought of using my handled teabag holders as ornaments, but that is a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello. I love seeing your new tea themed ornaments. I will post my tea ornaments as soon as we get out the decorations. Happy Holidays!

  4. I picked up some ornies at Hobby Lobby this year that look very similar. The trick is to buy them when you see them. They rarely get any more in. Our store got three of each kind. There were two and I bought three of one and two of the other. So, no more for our town, unfortunately.


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