Friday, December 14, 2007

Celestial Seasonings' new promotion

You may have heard (or seen) that Celestial Seasonings has new packaging. When I heard that, at first I got my hopes up that at long last, they were individually packaging their tea bags, but alas, no. They've done a nice job of updating their graphics, but I still usually favor their competitors since individually packaged tea bags are more convenient and travel well.

Then I got a press release the other day that prompted me to go buy two new boxes of CS tea. It seems they are promoting their new theme of "Tantalizing Adventures for the Senses" with a new online book club. I promptly joined up, which required getting two UPC's from the new boxes of tea, so I *should* be receiving my free "book club starter kit" (which includes recipes, bookmarks and more) before too long.

I read so much for my job that I'm not really a good book club member, although I'm willing to give this one a try. If you are a devoted tea drinker and reader, you might want to visit The teas I chose were Peppermint (one can never have too much Peppermint at this time of year) and Sweet Coconut Thai Chai. I took the chai to the office, and with a little office creamer added, it was pretty tasty stuff.

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