Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Planning your "Royal Wedding" viewing

Two friends shared this graphic with me yesterday, and I found it so helpful, I wanted to share it here with you!

(Image courtesy of Town & Country magazine)


  1. Good information. I'll record the early parts and probably be awake in time to watch the ceremony itself. :-)

  2. Thank you--that really IS an excellent graphic! I hope you (and all the other "Tea Friends" who will be watching) enjoy having "breakfast with the Royals."
    --from Vernona in DC

  3. Thank you, Angela, that is helpful.

    We have been watching the Royal Wedding Watch every evening on our PBS station this week. It has been most interesting, they have shown and discussed many things, history of royal weddings, hats, etiquette, and the town of Windsor preparing. There have been segments visiting the factory that makes uniforms, royal needle workers, glove makers, hat makers, and flower design. The shows can be seen online on PBS if you missed them.

    1. Oh, thanks for the tip, Donna! These will be great to watch while I'm crafting/sewing!


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