Friday, May 18, 2018

Meeting some traveling friends for tea in Georgia!

On Wednesday, I was delighted to be able to join longtime tea friends Phyllis, left, and Joy, right, for tea at Tea Leaves and Thyme in Woodstock! We enjoyed the Queen's Tea along with …

Quite a few other ladies from Michigan and Ohio—and one more Georgian! Phyllis, whom many of you know from her Relevant Tea Leaf blog, has organized a Southern Tea Time tour, taking the group to Woodstock, Atlanta, Marietta, Savannah, Charleston, and quite a few more spots, and this was one of their stops on the tour. I was so, so happy to get to see Phyllis and Joy again, and I was also delighted to visit with the other tea-loving ladies!

One of them was Phyllis's friend Lori, also from Michigan, at right, whom I absolutely fell in love with when I got to meet her several years ago during a tea blogger trip to Kentucky. Lori is a fellow scrapbooker, and we talked papercrafts a bit on Wednesday. I was also delighted to get to sit across from (and gab with!) Angela from Georgia (yes, there's another one!) and Teresa from Ohio.

Check out Teresa's purse! Lovely!

And here are Kim, the owner of Tea Leaves and Thyme, with Angela. If you are someone who likes to visit tearooms when you travel, you simply *must* visit Angela Renals's Destination Tea, which is a wonderful go-to source for finding tearooms all over the country. I loved hearing about her creation of this website and her plans for its future. I learned she also has a Destination Tea Facebook page, and I started following Destination Tea there as soon as I got home so that I won't miss her posts!

And here I am with Teresa just as everyone was about to depart!

With so many tea friends to talk to, I must confess that I was less focused on the tea and food than I have ever been before because I was so captivated by all the tea talk! So when it was time to leave, I had a nice big to-go box of delicious food to take home with me, mostly the sweets, and I am still enjoying some "sweet" memories, both literal and figurative, from Wednesday's wonderful tea room visit. I know Phyllis will be blogging all about the Southern tea tour when they return home in another week or so, and now I can't wait to read all about their adventures!


  1. You got some great pictures! I really enjoyed joining this group for tea (which was delicious) and visiting with you again. Meeting Phyllis was a long-time goal, and I was delighted to meet another tea fan from our area, too.

  2. Oh, how I wanted to be another gal from Ohio on that tour!!!!!!!

    I think that is my tea exchange partner Teresa from Ohio. If it is - what a pretty and sweet smile she has!

    Hated to miss this opportunity, but as I said before, got a houseful for niece's grad party tomorrow - so I had to be there in spirit. Hope you had as much fun as it looks!


  3. How fun that you had such a lovely visit with friends new and old.

  4. How lovely that you were able to connect with the traveling tea ladies!


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