Friday, April 7, 2017

Some new organic teas from Arbor Teas

This week I sampled two new teas from Arbor Teas, the organic tea company that recently sent me some samples of their teas. The two I tried this week were the Earl Grey black tea blend and the Five Peaks Green Dew, a green tea.

The Earl Grey, to my surprise, had more of a fresh, woodsy scent than the perfume-like bergamot scent I was expecting. And after I steeped the tea and tasted it, I was quite impressed. This tea had a musky taste with a more subtle bit of bergamot. The tea tasted very fresh but not what I'd consider a typical Earl Grey at all, and I liked that! (I also bookmarked this recipe for Earl Grey Tea Madeleines that I found on the site.)

When I opened the packet of Five Peaks Green Dew green tea, I thought the tea had a very vegetal scent. Steeped, the tea's scent reminded me of roasted asparagus. It had a rich and satisfying green tea taste, with very little astringency. Do you like organic teas? Or drink only organic teas? While I do drink teas that aren't labeled organic, I must say that I enjoy seeing that word "organic" on a tea label, and I'm delighted to have discovered some delicious new teas from Arbor Teas.

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  1. I must try the Earl Grey. I am not a real fan of bergamot, so this sounds perfect. I enjoyed reading about the owners, Jeremy and Aubrey. Thank you, I have never heard of Arbor Tea.


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