Monday, April 3, 2017

Ding-dong, it's Avon calling … with a charming new teapot!

A few weeks ago, my friend and former coworker Beverly got in touch to let me know that she was selling Avon again and that they were coming out with a teapot that she had a feeling I might want. Now I was an Avon lady myself back in college and have remained a fan of their products, so I was quite happy when Beverly contacted me. When she showed me a photo of this tea-for-one set and I saw the *handwriting* on it, I knew I had to have it for the office where I do my writing!

This is my new go-to teapot and teacup in my office, and I absolutely love it! Isn't this design beautiful? The catalog description notes that it is "decorated with a vintage Parisian illustration," and it makes me so happy to have teawares with writing on them at my side as I finish up the edits of my novel!

Will it help my writing and editing? Only time will tell, but I am delighted to have this set! There are also some other great new tea-themed pieces in the Avon Living catalog, and Beverly said that yes, I could share a link to her Avon website here in case, like me, some of you have been without an Avon lady for a while. (She and husband David run their business together, and she laughingly informed me he is "an Avon guy" instead of an Avon lady.) Here's the link to the tea set, and here's a link to the brochure with other tea goodies. Do you have an Avon lady where you live? And if so, do you have a favorite product? Mine, by far, is their makeup remover lotion, which I guess I've been using for more than 20 years now. It takes off even the most waterproof mascara without taking off eyelashes in the process, and once I discovered it, I never used anything else!


  1. That is a darling tea-for-one set, and perfect for a writer. I enjoyed checking out the Avon brochure. My goodness, they've expanded their selection since the last time I saw an Avon catalog!

  2. This teaset is just PERFECT for you. Very pretty too! Thanks for the tip on the makeup remover. Now if I only had an Avon lady in my life.

  3. That tea service is so perfect for you! I'd love to get a catty from your friend as soon as I'm settled. I'll sign up now for their mailing list!

  4. That tea pot has your name written all over it. I haven't seen an Avon catalog in years but I used to love that eye makeup remover. Maybe I should give them a look again.

  5. I saw that in our Avon books here in Puerto Rico. Our Avon books are in Spanish, but the titles of the object are in English. I have used their lipstick for many years. I'm still trying to move, so I didnt buy the tea pot or the other pretty dishes.

  6. Perfect for you! I would never have known it was Avon!


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