Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The perfect new needle book

When I was at a local quilt show last month, I spotted a kit for this cute teacup-shaped needle book and bought it. I didn't get around to making it, however, and so when I was in Wisconsin a few weeks ago and had a little time to work on a few easy quilt blocks I'd brought with me, I didn't have a needle book but improvised and found myself sticking needles in my blouse, the chair, or anything else handy when I needed to set aside a needle for a few minutes. Probably never a good idea. Also, because I hadn't thought to pack any straight pins, I held my paper-piecing project together with other needles. Do you know what happens when you try to use needles in place of straight pins and accidentally poke the business end of a needle instead of the eye? Pain. Pain is what happens. So I came home determined to get this needle book stitched up, and I made it during the Falcons-Packers game on Sunday afternoon!

It was super easy to make, and because the flowers and leaves were pre-cut and pre-infused, it didn't take long at all to steam iron them and stitch them into place.

If you're not a stitcher yourself, you might like to know that this needle book is a "book" that opens and allows you to store a few pins and needles inside on one of the "pages." (I have since added some straight pins, by the way, to prevent further injury!)

And even the back of this needle book has a cute feature, its own little tea bag! I am not at all a meticulous stitcher, so I was delighted that this project was so easy and came out so well. For those of you who'd like to stitch one of these for yourself, I was pleased to see the kit is now available from the designer in her Etsy shop! Click here for more information.


  1. That is the coolest idea - and boy, did it EVER turn out awesome!

    Well done, ma'am - love love love it.

    I am notorious around here for irresponsible needle management. Just sayin there's been more than one or two slight ouchies because of me.

    What a neat idea. I would love to find a kit like that. GREAT gift idea, isn't it?

    Hugs and love. ♥

  2. This is a sweet needle book, I've seen other crafted ones but nothing with a tea theme. Hope the hole in your finger has healed, even the pointed end hurts when it makes contact.
    Thanks for the Etsy link too.

  3. That turned out so cute! And I'm sure it will be quite handy as you work on those quilt blocks.

  4. That is super cute! You did a great job.


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