Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Country, 'Tis of Tea — Vermont

Vermont. Hmmm. What do we know about Vermont? It's the home of maple syrup, Ben and Jerry's, and the famous Vermont Country Store. But does Vermont care for tea?

• The historic home where the Vermont Constitution was framed and adopted in 1777, the Old Constitution House in Windsor, was originally a tavern, later a tearoom, and today is a site that's on the National Register of Historic Places. According to a Vermont state website, "The Old Constitution House features period rooms that reflect its use as an early tavern. A large interpretive area in the early 20th century tea room examines the events surrounding the signing of the Vermont Constitution. The collection at the Old Constitution House contains many pieces donated by area residents and the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.” Sounds like a great place to visit if I'm ever in Vermont!

• This vintage postcard from my tearoom postcard collection shows the Maple Cabin Tea Room in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. I'm glad that at least one tearoom in Vermont had "maple" in the name, and no, I wasn't crazy to associate maple syrup with Vermont, which, it turns out, is the nation's leading producer of maple syrup. (I love maple syrup. And maple candy. And maple-flavored teas. You get the idea.)  I also love that this tearoom, shown circa 1941, looks as if it were made of Lincoln logs.

• Perhaps one of the most clever tea products to be associated with a particular state is "VerMints." I first came across these Vermont-made mints years ago and have seen them in quite a few stores since that time. According to the history on the company's website, "Born in the Green Mountain State in 2000, VerMints began humbly on a stovetop in a small kitchen in Bellows Falls. The goal from the get-go was simple: Make a simple and true mint. All flavor; no funky stuff." You can click here to find out where your closest retailer is.


  1. Very interesting post. I love local history . . . ordinary folk history instead of war and political history. Very refreshing . . . like a cup of hot tea :)

  2. Maple flavored tea sounds interesting.

  3. I love the name of those mints! Maple flavored tea sounds delicious.


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