Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The latest news from Fortnum & Mason …

From the Fortnum & Mason email newsletter

Even though I've visited it only twice, the supremely elegant Fortnum & Mason in London remains my favorite department store in the world. A while back I signed up for their email newsletter, and it is that rare email advertisement that I actually look forward to reading. The latest one contained a tidbit so splendid, I wanted to share it here. That image above? It's a screen grab from the latest newsletter showing something I so wish I could run by and enjoy this week: their new Afternoon Tea Sundae. Just imagine this ice cream inspired by their Afternoon Tea and made with four ice creams: Cucumber and Mint, Strawberry and Scones, Rose Ripple, and Coronation, a curry and mango flavor. So who's going to London next? Go and have one of these for me, will you?

The other intriguing news is that British food writer and critic Tom Parker Bowles, whose mother is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is coming out with a cookbook for F&M. According to the email, "Fortnum & Mason is proud and excited to unveil this, our first ever cook book. Written and signed by Tom Parker Bowles, The Fortnum's Cook Book brings together recipes from all three centuries of our history - from famous Scotch Eggs and Afternoon Tea Scones to contemporary dishes like Grilled Bones and Welsh Rarebit." The book comes out October 6, and I do hope it will be available through US booksellers!

To sign up for the Fortnum & Mason newsletter for yourself, click here and scroll down to the bottom where it says "Sign up."


  1. Well, what is that book I've owned since 2010?

    1. Kris, I've got that book too! Your comment made me go pull mine off the shelf and check it out. Since it has tea history and other info, maybe they don't consider it a full-fledged "cookbook," perhaps? (But I categorize it as a cookbook!)

  2. I'd love to try one of those Sundaes! It will be on my list if I ever get to London.

  3. I get the news letter too. I ordered some of the Rose Petal Jam after seeing the video. Since the pound was down so much, it hurt a little less to ship across the pond! I am saving it for a tea party next month.

  4. I did a s well.. a favorite place for me in London...never had the sundaes when we've had tea there, intriguing!

  5. Oh I want one of those cookbooks for sure. The sundae looks delicious.

  6. I'm heading to London in one week! While we already have reservations for afternoon tea at F & M, I can see we might also need to make a return trip for the sundae...sounds delicious!


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