Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Some thrifty calendars for tea lovers

I may tire of them one day, but the weekly Dollar Tree visits have definitely become a tradition in my family. My aunt and I went to one on Saturday, and this time my sister was with us (and serving as driver!). As we stood at the register with our hands full, my sister said, "I wasn't actually planning on buying anything in here …"  and she ended up finding even more goodies than I did. My purchases, as so often happens, had a theme.

First, I found the notepads Susan K. had told me about recently. (Thanks, Susan!) I bought all they had, which was only three, and I'm thinking some tea-loving friends will be getting the extras as stocking stuffers this Christmas.

And this paper may be a little flimsy, but considering the price, I was delighted to find this calendar with vintage handwriting on it, especially the page for January 2017. I can see some crafts in this calendar's future!

(I did, by the way, look for more of those teatime coloring books since so many of you have been unable to find them, but alas, there were none left in that particular store. I haven't given up yet, though!)


  1. Those pictures on the calendar might make good decoupage' material if you do any of that sort of craft work.

  2. Cute! Love the teacups on the note pad - I hope to get to a Dollar Tree on Saturday or Monday so I'll see what I can find.

  3. I cannot wait to return to the land of Dollar Trees, Dollar Generals and Waffle Houses. You have so much fun! Blessings

  4. love the vintage tea calendar....


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