Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The most amazing teacup card ever. Seriously.

I am always grateful whenever anyone takes the time to send me a birthday card, especially since I am not the best about sending them myself! And when I received a birthday card in the mail from tea friend Mary Jane last week, I certainly had no idea of the cleverness contained within that envelope. It was something called a "Swing Card" from the Santoro Company in the UK!

And when I read her thoughtful greeting on the back and folded the card into position, these lovely teacups started sweetly swinging!

I can't even begin to imagine the paper engineering that it took to a) make such a card possible and b) make it so foolproof that the recipients couldn't manage to bungle it when setting up the card.

They even designed the perfect background images …

And the clever teaspoon "suspension" for the teacups …

And I wondered if it wasn't easier to make a teacup than to make a teacup card! Bravo, Santoro (a link to their Swing Cards is here), and thank you again, Mary Jane!


  1. Oh my what a fun card! I will definitely have to check out that link!

  2. That card is amazing! All the details! Somebody at that company knows their stuff.

  3. What a terrific tea card; how fun! And happy belated birthday! :)

  4. Holy moley that is da bomb diggity!!!!

    (I am so sorry I missed your bday, I am the worst!)

    Hope it was a happy one, and hope you have a wonderful year! HUGS!!

  5. Angela, this is an awesome card. The pink cup reminds me of the pink jacket your sweetheart had on a few posts ago when I saw both of you dressed up. I could not comment at the time. You know I love photos of you and your handsome husband.

  6. What a neat card, Angela - I am going to check out the link. Thank you so much for sharing, Joanie

  7. Definitely a cool card, not something I'd attempt. ;-)

  8. That is a wonderful card for any tea lover - even the back is cute. Thanks for the link.


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