Thursday, May 5, 2016

My May teatime column in The Coweta Shopper

For those who don't live locally but would like to read it, here is a link to my new column in The Coweta Shopper, and it's my 500-word attempt to answer a simple question I get asked a lot — and I'll bet many of you do as well!


  1. Nicely written, Ang!

    You know I have often - as examples to various tea groups gotten out the exact tea from the same company - one with loose leaf and one with bagged and opened the bag and shown the difference that the leaves versus the dust make. The visual comparison on a tray has never failed to elicit surprise from them. : - )

    I love your articles! : - )

    1. PS

      TYSM for the thoughtful tea you sent the other day - I have been slow at my proper thanks - so busy with company coming - not a single tea time had all week and all last weekend. *sigh* I sure appreciate your thoughtfulness. thank you!

  2. Well written, as usual. As one who "grew up" on tea bags, At first I found loose tea a bit intimidating - but I love the tea sachets from Harney's and others.

  3. That was a good answer to the question of loose versus bagged tea. I also like to enjoy both types.

  4. So glad you're sharing this great column in your blog, we don't always get The Shopper at home. I love all the new flavors of the loose teas, very neat! Thanks for the updates, Joanie


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