Friday, May 27, 2016

Gardenias in a Tea Room Vase

I don't often pick flowers to display in my Tea Room Depression glass vase, but this week the gardenias are in bloom, so I couldn't resist! These are especially prized flowers to me this year since, two years ago, this plant froze during an ice storm and was not expected to come back, but as you can see, it certainly did! And I think these flowers are worthy of displaying in my favorite vase.

An Art Deco pattern, Tea Room Depression glass was actually used in tea rooms of the Depression era, but much of it was chipped because of the great number of corner angles. This pattern also shows a lot of "straw marks," which you'll notice in the second tier from the bottom. It looks like a crack in the vase but is not. It's simply a flaw that frequently occurred with this pattern. I haven't found any new Tea Room glassware lately, but the gardenias may have just inspired me to look!


  1. I love gardenias! Just looking at the photo evokes a memory of that definitive fragrance! They look lovely in the tea room glass.

  2. Your gardenias look beautiful in your Tea Room vase, and I'm sure their fragrance is wonderful, too!

  3. Lovely. I bet they smell as good as they look

  4. So pretty, the vase is perfect! Joanie


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