Friday, August 14, 2015

Some new teas for Parrotheads

Ingle's grocery store in Bremen has been the source of many fun new teas for me in recent years. My latest purchase? These two bottles of Jimmy Buffett's Island Tea. I mean, really, who doesn't love Jimmy Buffett, right?

I tried the Peach Mango Black Tea first and found it had a very tart peach taste. You know that extra bit of peachiness you taste when you each a part of the peach near the pit? That's what this tea reminded me of. It's sweetened with Stevia, which is not my favorite, so I suspect that provided the slight aftertaste that gave me pause. But in the interest of fairness to this tea, I probably would have loved it more if I hadn't just had that bottled peach tea from the Charleston Tea Plantation, which quickly became the standard by which I judge all others.

The surprise, however, and one I can't wait to buy again, was this Pineapple Coconut White Tea! Oh my goodness, was this stuff ever delicious! Did any of you grow up with those Dum Dum lollipops you could get at the grocery store, the ones that were sometimes given to kids at the bank drive-through window? I used to love those things (lollipops, not banks), and this tea tastes like a liquid version of the Coconut-Pineapple Dum Dum, which, sadly, is now discontinued. I like pineapple and coconut flavors but usually find coconut overpowers whatever it is paired with. Not this time, and I'll definitely be playing "Margaritaville" in my head as I go back to the store this weekend for more of this tea. The nutritional info reveals it's mostly water, sugar and juice with some white tea extract (and Stevia extract, which didn't bother me this time), but I don't care. I love the memories that surround this taste!


  1. Wonder how it would mix with vodka? Just sayin. Once a PH, always a PH. : - )

    Have a fun weekend. Weather is PERFECT right now, I am lovin it!!!

  2. I would love to try this one -- love coconut! Hmmm...Michele has a good idea about the vodka! Lol. I have not been to lucky in my search for your fun finds in bottled tea yet - but will keep searching!

  3. That coconut one sounds so good. Is there a lot of sugar in it?

  4. Now I don't mind a bit of Jimmy Buffet on occasion, so fascinated that he would have bottle iced tea. Just out of curiosity I might try it.

  5. I did not know Jimmy Buffet made tea. I'll have to tell my parents, they would love it.

  6. My sister is a parrothead.... must look for these!


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