Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pocky's Green Tea Cream Covered Biscuit Sticks

When I was at World Market over the weekend, I discovered at the back of the store a display that contained several green tea treats. They had green tea Kit Kat candy bars, which I've tried before and enjoyed; a green tea jellied-looking treat, which made nervous; and these "Pocky" brand treats. The whole box is 340 calories and is considered a single serving, but that's nuts. I've been eating a few at a time. I'm also thinking these would be cute accents for something, but what? Matcha ice cream?

I like matcha okay but just okay, and to my surprise, I absolutely loved these biscuit sticks! The matcha flavor is there, yes, but it's light and not bitter, quite complementary to the crunch of the biscuit sticks. I actually considered buying an extra box of these for the giveaway this month, but the box said to keep these out of the sun, so mailing such a package from Georgia in August would probably not be a good idea. Have any of you tried these treats? Count me a fan!


  1. Angela,
    Have you tried chiwholeleaf.com
    Click on "Store" & then on "Free Samples".
    They are powdered tea samples.

    1. Well, that was easy! I just did it, so thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Yes! My Japanese pen pal sent them to me along with other matcha treats. I have enjoyed these - I like the crunch, and as you noted, the matcha is not overpowering.

  3. When I was a kid, I used to eat Pocky in chocolate and strawberry flavours all the time! Now I gotta keep an eye out for the matcha green tea flavour...

  4. hmmm........looks interesting!

  5. I have tried these. Charlotte has a few large Asian grocery stores and I bought them there. There is a large Asian grocery store in Atlanta, but I cannot think of the name. One of my husband's coworkers drives down every month or so.

  6. Love Pocky sticks, Angela. "Back in the day," when Hastings was open, we carried quite a few flavors: chocolate, strawberry and I remember a vanilla cream - they were delicious!

    I've never tried a tea flavor but I'd like to. *
    * We went to see a production of "Cabaret" at Southside Theatre in Fairburn ( it was great!) and we saw several friends we haven't seen in a while - they are going to Hastings in Auburn and loving it!

    Made me think about you and your visits to the Newnan store - those were some fun times! My friends tell me how close Auburn is, I might have to try it out! Enjoy those Pocky sticks! Joanie

  7. I have never seen these, but then, I rarely get to shop at World Market. These would indeed make a great "accent" to a special dessert.

  8. Yes, I bought some a month ago for a tea gathering. They do melt easily in the heat, but I agree they would be so cute used some way for a tea party. They are good too.


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