Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Cup of Christmas (in August) Tea

Several years ago, I found the "Cup of Christmas Tea" teapot in a local antique mall, so I was delighted to come upon the matching teacup and saucer the other day at an antique mall in Bremen.

The set was $12.99, which I thought was a fair price. I've seen these selling for more than that on eBay, not including shipping, so I think I got a pretty good deal.

Can you believe that the book "A Cup of Christmas Tea" came out in 1982? It seems like only yesterday I was attending a friend's Christmas tea where she read this book and gave a copy to one lucky guest (not me, although I later purchased a copy for myself). And the book that was "new" back then is now sold in antique stores. Thankfully, so are the teawares I somehow missed out on collecting back in 1992!


  1. I have hosted several "A Cup of Christmas Tea" themed afternoon teas. Yes indeed! $12.99 is a very good price.

  2. It has become such a classic. The pieces aren't often seen though...folks freasure them. Cool!

  3. What a great find! It was waiting there just for you.

  4. You found a great bargain! It will be perfect with your holiday teapot!

  5. A great find at a great price! In all the antique stores I've visited this summer I haven't seen one, so you were lucky to find it. It'll be perfect for Christmas tea sipping this year.

  6. I do believe if I saw this teacup in an antique shop I would buy it. Lucky find!

  7. GREAT price on that teacup set! I am so happy you found that!!!

    I sold my teapot and all 6 cups I had collected in this trying to down size. Yes, I have sellers remorse.....but, hey, had a wedding to pay for, right? : - )


  8. Love that book and love that tea cup, Angela - so happy you were able to get it, it was meant to be!

    I love the design, anything with holly leaves and berries, I'm in! I've seen some pretty designs by Tara McConnell of Temptations (qvc), she's got a new "tea for one" teapot with holly leaves and a little red Cardinal on top, in honor of her Dad - he loved Cardinals!

    Tara also has a new lamp, made out of a Temptations teapot - it is really neat! It is complete with a lampshade, it is "calling my name!" I have quite a few pieces and I really enjoy them. So glad you were able to get the Christmas teacup! Joanie


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