Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Teavana's Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea

I remember reading a few years ago that Starbucks was acquiring Teavana, but since I rarely visit a Starbucks that just wasn't on my radar. Last week, I happened to notice a display of Teavana teas in the Starbucks cafe in my local Kroger store, and I hit the shopping cart brakes when I saw that familiar Teavana name.

There were several varieties that looked intriguing, but the one I purchased was this Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea. I've been very pleased with the Teavana teas I've tried over the years, and this citrusy green one sounded great. I haven't been consuming much green tea lately, so this would be a nice way to add a little green tea to my daily tea consumption.

Here's what the 1.5 ounces of tea looked like in the plastic bag that came in the tin. The Teavana website describes the tea this way: "Refreshing and invigorating, this green tea blend is a bright citrus balance of lemon verbena and lemongrass with a hint of spearmint and rich China Chun Mee green tea base." Here's how I describe it: "Mint. Mintmintmint. Just mint. Nothing but mint." I tried it again another day using more loose tea, but there was no difference in taste. I'm not sure what happened to the "bright citrus balance" in the tea, but someone obviously forgot to put it in my tin. The Teavana teas I've purchased from their store at Lenox Mall over the years have been exceptionally good. This one tastes fine for a mint tea, but it wasn't supposed to be purely a mint tea. So although I'm sure I'll stop by a Teavana store anytime I'm near one, I'll be skipping the $8.95 tins at Starbucks. Have any of you purchased Teavana tea from Starbucks? I'd love to know if my experience is just an isolated incident!


  1. Well, phooey! That name sounded so inviting, and I do love mint tea but I would expect more/other flavors to come through with a name like this one has. I appreciate the knowledge, will stick with my Candy Cane Lane until it's gone before I try any other mint teas.

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  3. Yes, bugger! The name sounded so interesting! But upon reading your description, I think the company had a wee bit of over-hyping.

  4. No I haven't purchased Teavana teas in years. I am not fond of their blends.
    Thanks for this review. To bad the lemon verbena doesn't show it's pretty face,
    it can be quite lovely.

  5. I haven't tried Teavana--maybe I did now that I think of it. I ordered the Downton Abbey teas which they advertise as packaged in a tin - although I love the Downton label/pictures - it is NOT a tin but rather cardboard with a tin lid - disappointing!

  6. The jade citrus is very good! I like that one and I also like a pumpkin one they have during the fall.


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