Thursday, January 29, 2015

A fun puerh tea tasting courtesy of Teavivre

Puerh, I’ll admit, is a tea that’s not to everyone’s liking, but I enjoy it. It’s got an unmistakably earthy taste that is quite different from the girly, frou-frou flavored teas I normally enjoy. This tea is produced in Yunnan, China, and after production the leaves go through a fermentation process and are often made into “cakes” of tea. As you can see here, this sample of puerh tea was originally part of a cake.

I recently received a package of puerh samples from Teavivre, and I was intrigued to note on the packet that some of the samples arrived “raw,” in cake form, and some are in pyramid tea bags.

The first sample I tried was the cake form on the left, Menghai Golden Buds Tribute Ripened Puerh Cake 2009. The package said to brew it at 212 degrees for 3-10 minutes, and I opted for the 3 minutes. I loved the extra earthy taste of this puerh. I like the flavor of puerh anyway, but this one had a richness to it that I especially enjoyed. Later, I tried the pyramid tea bag containing Ripened Loose Puerh, and I noted it said to steep it at 212 degrees for 9 to 12 minutes. Okay, I thought. We'll see … But you know, after 9 minutes I had a tea that looked as dark as coffee and another great, earthy tasting puerh, not oversteeped and not bitter at all. I still consider myself quite a puerh novice and haven't yet developed my palate enough to call these teas anything but "earthy," but I do recommend trying any tea at least once. These teas are very different from my usual flavored teas, but it's nice to shake things up once in a while, and I'm grateful Teavivre allows me to do just that!


  1. I have never tried this type of tea but I would follow your lead and try it, at least once!

  2. I have a flavoured puerh tea from David's that I really like. Not sure I would have tried it if the leaves were in a clump as you're showing.

  3. Love your review. It is funny, but I use to think all puerh's were the same. The more we taste, the more we learn to develop the palate and realize the differences.

  4. Thanks for the review. I've never tasted too many puerh's, so I am very much a novice.


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