Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong from Stash Tea

It's National Hot Tea Month, and I suppose I've been celebrating every day since I seem to be sipping lots more hot tea so far this year! Now that Christmas has passed, I've put away my treasured Christmas teacups for another year and am enjoying using this winter white creamware teacup and saucer.

This Stash tea is a new one to me, the Coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong I received from my sister for Christmas. It wasn't too many years ago that oolong seemed like a pretty exotic tea, so I love the fact it's now so mainstream!

When I first opened a teabag, I caught a nice citrus scent. Steeped, the tea had the pleasantly fruity taste of mango, a hint of coconut, and a citrus flavor from the orange peel. After all the spice teas and peppermint teas I've had lately, it was rather nice to have something fruit-flavored for a change. Stash teabags always come individually packaged, and they're one of my favorite brands to tuck into a card for a friend. So what are you sipping to celebrate National Hot Tea Month?


  1. I've tried many Stash teas. This one is new to me. I'll pick some up. Love your cup and saucer. Deb

  2. That sounds delicious! I'm still enjoying the Downton Christmas tea. I think it is my nw favorite!

  3. What an interesting handle on the tea cup you are sharing today. I like Stash Teas and I like that they are individually wrapped. I always carry some in my purse; when a restaurant may not have a caffeine free tea...I will just ask for a cup of hot water and add my own tea.

  4. I've never been a huge Stash fan, but this is a flavor I have never tried - sounds awesome.

    Funny how after all the beautiful Christmas things are put away for another year things seem so uncomplicated. I thought of that just yesterday, as my holiday china is the last thing to put away....and it is always the first thing I get back out the day after Thanksgiving.

    I was thinking about it when I put a plain pretty antique white teacup at my reading table in the loft and changed up the table to reflect winter, not Christmas. It's so much simpler looking, still nice but still a strange kind of let-down, too.

    You asked what am I drinking lately? The last two days I have steeped some Harney & Sons' PARIS - as you know it is truly one of my very favorites. It has a delightful vanilla taste, brews up beautiful and strong, just adore it.

    Anyway, thank you, yet again, for your wonderful tea recommendations. I take notes! : - ) ♥ Hugs.

    1. PS

      That IS a neat handle on your teacup - don't think I have ever seen anything like it before!

  5. Sipping has been low key so far this year.
    Today I tried a 10 year aged oolong sent to me
    by Bingley Teas. Quite nice.

  6. Looks like we are both drinking Oolong today!

  7. Sounds good. Love the handle on your teacup too!

  8. I'm drinking a rooibos tea called "Winter Marzipan".

  9. I've had this tea before and enjoyed it. Reminds me of summer.

  10. For some unknown reason I don't have any Stash tea in my tea cupboard. This Oolong sounds delicious!


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