Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #30 -- Ila's Tea Room (Sandy Creek, N.Y.)

This tea room postcard is postally unused, but I like it anyway because of the great image of the neon lettering, the green awnings, and the aluminum folding chairs, for heaven's sake! I'll bet I would have liked Ila, and I'll bet I would have enjoyed eating in Ila's Tea Room.

The back of the postcard notes that Ila's "has long been a landmark for travelers who enjoy good food in relaxing, attractive surroundings." That's the sort of phrase I see pretty regularly on these old postcards, and I always wonder, who are the people who enjoyed eating food in stressful, ugly surroundings? I also think I might have enjoyed shopping for gifts at "one of the best known displays in the north-east." And a floral department was recently added? Sounds like Ila's was a one-stop shop!


  1. Don't you long for at least one of those within wanna-meet-at-Ida's distance? The sheer homey-ness of it, and just that it's an accepted part of the business section of town, with a mantle of grace and charm settling upon the weary traveler or the two-ladies-to-chat as they enter, sit down, set down purses and bags, pour and relax.

    We had a couple of little home-town "caffays" which had almost that atmosphere---that settling in, that belonging, and that aura of quiet fitting-in that the other bustling what-can-I-get-ya diner places with nylon-clad waitreses pouring 40-weight coffee and clanking down bacon and eggs just couldn't achieve.

    Grace and gentility and the thoughts of the old, slower ways call to most of us, I think, and even the longing to put on a smart little hat and gloves and go meet Fran 'n' 'em for dainty sandwiches and a pot of tea has a charm which will linger long.

    I especially love the phone number---our first phone was merely four numbers, and my uncle's family---he who worked for Southern Bell for fifty years---their number was NINE. That's all. Nine.

    Thanks for the memories, some of which I've never had!


  2. Such fun stepping back in time. Now you have me searching for tea room postcards! Found a few old Biltmore Estate postcards but no tea room postcards at our local 'junque' store!

  3. I would have enjoyed going to lunch there, for sure! Have a great weekend, Joanie

  4. I would love to have visited here.


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