Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Plundering for silverplate

I can have the best time people watching at an antique mall or flea market. On Friday, I headed to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta for the first time in a while, and I so enjoyed browsing for junk and pausing for a little people watching. There were the thin blonde "Real Housewives of Anywhere" wannabes with their maxi-dresses and designer purses. There were the Buckhead old-money socialites with the helmet-haired do's and leopard print blouses. There were also those women I assume are Atlanta decorators because they were feverishly pulling tailored pillows off the shelves while an armful of bangle bracelets clattered away. This visit, I was also struck by how many dealers completely ignored all their customers because they were studying their smartphones and tablet computers. But I didn't really care because I was also a woman on a mission: I wanted to find some old silverplate knives, cheap, to use in styling a cake photo for a freelance project.

If you're from the area you know this already, but if you're not, I should explain that Scott's is near I-75, held the second weekend each month (Thursday-Sunday), and it's in two buildings, North and South. I went to the South building first, and there I enjoyed looking at the costume jewelry, some ancient needlework samplers, and some pretty vintage linens. I saw hardly any teacups or teapots, which was surprising, but that was fine because I was on a mission to find old silverplate. I found a couple of sellers who had some, but there wasn't anything I just loved until I headed outdoors where the cheaper booths are located. This table caught my eye.

I asked the man what his prices were, and he said they started at a dollar. I knew this was my kind of place! I soon picked out the five pieces I wanted. He bagged up my thrifty five-dollar purchase and I was done.

Well, I was done except for this. I had seen this cute spoon necklace from Refunked Junk that reminded me of my friend Liz, whose birthday is today, so I went back inside and got it. I'll be seeing Liz tomorrow, and I cannot tell you how appropriate this is for her. (Tea's not really her thing and she doesn't read my blog, so I'm not worried about her seeing this, by the way.)

A quick trip to the North building turned up some pretty old furniture but nothing I needed, so I headed home.

What did I get? Three "new" knives, a fork and a spoon. I'm really going for an old, rustic/rusty texture, and I hope one of these three knives will do the trick.

I also liked the floral designs on this fork and spoon, so they may appear in a photo one day as well. The fork is, I believe, a pastry fork because of that extra wide tine.

Whether it is or not, I don't think I've ever seen a fork with such an elaborate design near the tines like this. Do you ever visit the big antique market in your town? If so, what's the name of it? I might need to go there one day!


  1. Isn't it a shame how no one wants silver these days and it can be left in a pile to tarnish? We have an antique barn in our area full of things to look at on two floors. I often go through the silver to find something exquisite that I might like but the prices are very high. It's all neat and organized and not tarnished which makes it more valuable.

  2. Sadly, our indoor/outdoor Sunday flea market was torn down to make way for some big box stores... it was the best place for treasure hunting. We do have a new local flea market that sets up every Sunday, but I find I don't get the chance to visit it.

  3. What a fun place! Glad you found what you were looking for!

  4. Wish we had one nearby. Teapots and cups are getting harder to find at a good price. I found a teapot at an estate sale, Sadler made in England, perfect for $3. First time in a year. Lucky you finding such beautiful things!

  5. Love your finds, and look forward to reading about your freelance project. I love visiting antique malls and there are several in my area. I'll be posting some of my recent finds on my blog soon.

  6. Well, if you ever come to East Texas, there is the world famous First Monday Trades Days in Canton.

  7. The close-up of the silverware looks like three or more box bottoms (you know when you pick up a few flat items at Sam's, and you just get a little cardboard tray-shaped box to carry them home in?) that I've been stumbling over in the store-room from time to time.

    My own silver came in bits from the family, and in droves and flocks from places just like that---I'll use an old Southern term and say I BETCHOO I've got some of every single pattern in that picture, and your knives---oh, yeah, they're here somewhere.

    The pieces get set aside or bagged or tossed in the boxes after nearly every holiday, for I've not been up to much looking-after in the past while, and I see those yellowing, beautiful items, just begging for a little attention with the Wright's, and am ashamed.

    I could just sit polishing it for hours, lazily on a tray in my lap, with Out of Africa or Singing in the Rain playing on DVD, and still it sits.

    Looking forward to seeing yours all spruced up and in its former glory.


  8. So pretty! I like your "finds", especially the fork. We don't have a big antique market in our little town, but during the summer, there's a Friday morning "Trash and Treasures" sale at the Farmer's Market each week. Sometimes I get myself together and make a lap through there before work. I have found some treasures, too!

  9. We love to visit antique stops too. Locally Golden Nugget Flea Market near Lambertville NJ. Never know what you'll find! Rice's Market in Solebury Township, PA has a big market Tuesday & Saturday - but unfortunately now has lots of T-shirt, bogus bags etc and only one aisle of vintage goodies. Pretty site!

  10. I browsed a big one on Saturday, but didn't buy a thing. Had my grandson with me, so afraid to get to close and really I was just browsing. Sounds like you saw much more interesting people at your show. Love the silver pieces you purchased. I forget I have silver sometimes, as I don't ever use it. Now I must look.

  11. Neat fork. We have a big antique market here but I haven't been in years.

  12. Great finds, Angela! Love the floral trim on the fork and the spoon, so pretty.

    I haven't done too much antiquing in Georgia, but if you're ever in Missouri...there are some good shops in Jefferson City (the capital), Hermann, Missouri (near St. Louis)and at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you ever get out that way, you will enjoy it. Joanie


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