Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #12 -- M & O Tea Room (Gatlinburg, Tenn.)

Like a lot of southerners, I grew up going to Gatlinburg, Tenn. on family vacations. For that reason, I was intrigued when I found this vintage postcard for the M & O Tea Room and Craft Shop and The Rossmore in Gatlinburg. I like how the top of the card says "A Good Place to Rest or Play!" and "'Scrumptious' Meals - Beauty Rest Mattresses."

The back of the card is blank, and I wasn't able to find out anything about this tea room except that it was in operation around 1940 and some local weavers sold their wares here. I found another, more colorful image of this tea room on Pinterest, and you can see it here. I definitely think the colorful card is the newer one, and I'll bet the M & O served many a happy tourist in the tea room in its day.


  1. We were Gatlinburg visitors, way back when the Holiday Inn had a big Las Vegas star, and many of the accommodations were simple rooms or little cabins, no two alike, built on someone's lawn or in their house.

    And I LOVE the "at Wishing Well," for it may well have BEEN the address in such an area, when streets and boulevards were still mountain roads and maps mere suggestions. Placing such a landmark on your property was probably that day's billboard. I can just see the directions to other places: "Go two roads past the Wishing Well, and take a left."

    Looking forward to your posts on the Tea Visit---how I wish I could have been there for such a festive occasion.


  2. Haven't been to Gatlinburg in years. I bet this tea room was a fun place.

  3. Looks like a nice place - Gatlinburg is so beautiful. You find the neatest post cards, Angela. I'm enjoying this series,


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