Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #11 -- Hains Point Tea House (Washington, D.C.)

"... There used to stand a small but stately, white-columned teahouse, facing resolutely south toward the open water of the Potomac. It stood there for 64 years, from 1923 to 1987, one of the best places to escape the oppressive summer heat of the city in the days before air conditioning."


Are the trees blossoming in your neck of the woods? They are in mine, and that's one reason I am so enjoying this week's postcard of the Hains Point Tea House in Washington, D.C.

Though the card was never used (purchased as a souvenir, maybe?), I was delighted to find out more about the tea room on the Streets of Washington website. If you visit the link here, which I highly recommend, you'll also see a photo of the Girl Scout teahouse erected in Potomac Park around 1920, as well as a 1924 photo of President and Mrs. Coolidge standing in front of the Hains Point Tea House. There's also a remarkable photo of the tea house when it was flooded in 1985. We're not always able to learn so much about a tea house of yesteryear, but thanks to this website a wonderful bit of tea room history has been preserved!


  1. Another of those lovely linen, water color look, favorites. I'm off to check out the link. Thank you! Loving this series.

  2. Tea time in DC must have been beautiful with pretty cherry blossom trees! Wish we could go now!

  3. Another fun post card. And wonderful site you found!

  4. What a beautiful spot! Thank you for the site.
    Our trees are a long way from blossoming but the trees behind our home are begining to change so I know Spring is coming.

  5. Angela, this is my favorite post card so far!

    There is a lot of snow on the cherry trees at Hains Point today.
    This post card is a lovely reminder that Spring IS coming soon.

    Am attending the Cherry Blossom Festival next month and will ask the park rangers if they can tell me the location of the tea house so that I can take a photo of what is there now.

    One of the sites I visited said the teahouse was constructed using an old streetcar. Thanks for the link you provided and the very interesting post.

    Have a happy day,
    Mary Jane

  6. Hello Angela, what a beautiful postcard! I would have loved to go to this tearoom. Thanks for having this series - I'm really enjoying it. Joanie


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