Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Whites on the tea cart

For the past few years, I've gotten in the habit of leaving out a few Christmas decorations in the Winter White color palette. This year I used them and some coordinating teawares to get my tea cart all settled in for winter. And just for fun, I played with a few filters on the computer to make the photos look like scenes from long ago. The teapot at right is one I used on the guest registry table at my wedding, so that's an especially happy teapot memory! (You can see at left here and below some of the sugarcrafted flowers that came off my wedding cake, still just lovely today.)

I have the teapots surrounded by snowmen and old world Santas who could, if you use your imagination, be wintertime travelers, not just Santa Clauses.

This guy sits atop my favorite winter teacup, a simple cream Wedgwood cup and saucer. He's probably going to have to come off that perch soon so I can use my teacup again, now that I think about it!

This snowman picture and snowman paper stocking are some of my all-time favorite holiday decorations. I don't know why I'm so very fond of that cardboard stocking, but I am!

So the tea cart is dressed in its winter finery, and I frankly think my little tribute to snowmen and winter may be influenced by all you tea friends who have been blessed with snow already this year. Send some my way, would you, please?


  1. Such a beautiful vignette on your tea cart!

  2. So pretty! I'm sipping my hot tea this morning while watching pretty snowflakes fall. Hope you got some, too!

  3. I would gladly send you some of our snow if it were possible. The kids are all excited about the snow extension to the Christmas vacation, their mothers, not so much! ;-) Love the winter white vignette you set up on your tea cart. I'll be taking all my Christmas decorations down today and moving my tea cart back to it's proper place, as it had to be put away during the holidays.

  4. Lovely!! I always leave up my Christmas cardinals until after Valentine's Day, so I appreciate the idea of letting Christmas linger into winter! We got a dusting of snow (and it's snowing now) and right now it's a balmy 14 degrees. So much for living in the South! :)

  5. Lovely! There are such perfect and sentimental items in your collection here...why put them away too soon. How nice you have roses and a teapot from your wedding. I had real flowers on the cake...not I wish I'd had a few ones for a keepsake! Thanks for the Networked Blogs sign up. 2013 was not my favorite year in blogland!

  6. Your Winter Whites are beautiful! I see a few items there I would love to have in my home.

  7. Hello Angela
    Your tea cart dressed in winter whites is delightful, how sweet you still have roses from your wedding cake.
    You know the old saying "be careful what you wish for"; the winds could shift and blow a whole lot of snow your way. :-)

  8. Beautiful arrangement on your tea cart....Where did you find the lace table cloth with the cups and teapot on it? It is so pretty and I would love to have one like it on my tea cart! Thanks for posting the pic's they are always fun to look at.
    Snow hugs,

  9. Oh I just love your winter white. I was just at another blog and she was saying she had to leave something of Christmas out, as I also have on my mantel. I will leave them until I see more signs that Spring is on it's way. You really put together a lovely vignette! Love that you have the flowers and teapot from your wedding.

  10. Carol, I've had it so long I don't remember where I found my tablecloth (eBay?), but I'm pretty sure it's by Heritage Lace, and I'll bet if you search for "teapot lace tablecloth" online, you'll find one like it. Good luck!

  11. Beautiful! One day I'll be able to display delicate things on a lower level. :-) For now they are all up higher than kid level.


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