Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #4 - Hotel Muehlebach Tea Foyer (Kansas City, Missouri)

The Four Seasons and The Ritz-Carlton are two of the hotels in Atlanta where I have enjoyed tea, and over the years I've observed that many of my tea friends occasionally enjoy having afternoon tea at a hotel as well. We've been doing that in this country for decades, and an undated postcard I found shows a quite splendid Tea Foyer at the Hotel Muehlebach in Kansas City, Missouri. I can practically feel all the wicker and touch all the chintz cushions and gloriously potted greenery in this amazing tea room!

Alas, my postcard is unused, so I have no clue as to the date of this tea room. The often-helpful Wikipedia, though, informed me that this hotel building went up in 1915 and is still in use today. It's part of the Kansas City Marriott Downtown, a historic building that has been visited by every U.S. president from Theodore Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan. Harry Truman is said to have used the hotel for his headquarters when he went home to Independence, Missouri, and the hotel's other famous guests included Babe Ruth, the Beatles and Elvis! I'm such a political junkie that I would probably have been more excited about seeing Ronald Reagan than seeing Babe Ruth, the Beatles or Elvis. How 'bout you? Who would you like to have seen in the hallway on your way to tea?


  1. You can have Reagan, I'd take the Beatles! Or even just Paul McCartney! That's a lovely tea room scene, I love all the wicker. Great postcard.

  2. What a beautiful tea room! Would love to take tea and hobnob with the Beatles!

  3. First off, awesome post. I love love love visiting your blog, Angela!

    Second, I too *adore* going to proper afternoon teas at hotels or on cruises. I stayed in a historic hotel in olde Savannah a few years ago and tea there was amazing.

    And lastly, I am not a political junkie but I would love to have met Ronald Reagan. He was a great president, loved him and what he did for our country. Hugs.

  4. Though I would like to chat with George of the Beatles, a gentle soul. Never a fan of Lennon, and Paul is still around, so could if we wanted to. Ringo, I am indifferent.

  5. Paul McCartney. I would have asked him to sing the tea song.
    So many of the old pictures I have seen of tearooms have large palms. I don't often see that more recently.

  6. Hummm... Do you suppose Nancy would have been with President Reagan? I would have loved talking to her about White House tea parties and china! Enjoyed seeing the postcard of the hotel tea foyer. Isn't it fun stepping back in time?

  7. What a lovely tearoom, Angela!
    Having spent some time in Missouri, I really enjoy this postcard.

    There's so much history in Missouri and several of my neighbors had some great stories about Harry Truman. It is said that President Truman (when returning to Missouri after being president) still mowed the lawn at his Independence home.

    I love your blog! Have a great week, Joanie

  8. Seeing Ronald Reagan on the way to tea would have been a treat.


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