Thursday, October 24, 2013

Letterbox Fine Tea's Anthology blend

Why didn't someone tell me there was a Sur La Table store in Atlanta? After lusting over the lovely Sur La Table catalog for cooks for many years, I stumbled upon the news one of the stores had opened at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta last year, so off I went to check it out. Happily, the store was just as wonderful as I'd hoped, with teas, tea infusers, teawares and lots of great baking accessories I may have to acquire before Christmas rolls around. So what did I come home with? Well, for starters, this Anthology blend of tea from Letterbox Fine Tea.

This is kind of goofy, but I couldn't decide which of the teas to try so I finally just opted for the one with my initial on it! This sounded like a good, hearty black blend, and that's exactly what I found it to be.

The dry leaf had a fresh woodsy scent, and the tea was the perfect afternoon tea flavor I so enjoy as a pick-me-up. It had only slight astringency, so I can easily drink several cups of this and be perfectly happy. Here are the tea leaves in a new infuser I also found at Sur La Table, and tomorrow I'll show you how it works!


  1. I haven't been to Phipps Plaza in years! But that store does sound like a fun place to visit.

  2. Looks like a nice black tea. Smiling, as when I saw the A on the box I thought of the Eiffel Tower. Isn't is funny each persons perception?

  3. That sounds like a fun store to browse. I've never tried Letterbox tea, but that blend sounds like it is just what I like.


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