Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A surprise in the tea garden

My gardening was largely neglected over the summer, but a very kind friend has gifted me with a new rose bush so I decided to go see what spot might work. I wandered out to the "tea garden" for the first time in weeks, and lo and behold, for the first time ever there is a blossom on my camellia sinensis plant!

If you look toward the center, about a third of the way down in this photo, you'll see how I discovered the flower. "What's that white thing on my tea plant? Oh, my goodness! A flower!"

I'm not the only one who's enjoying my camellia sinensis, though ...

The plant has really shot up this year (all that rain, maybe?), and I probably need to cut it back, but not before I see if a few more blossoms appear this year!


  1. The flower is a lovely surprise! (The spider, not so much)

  2. That is a nice surprise. I wish that I had a backyard where I could try growning tea (and that the climate here in New Jersey would allow it).

  3. Lovely! Mine is blooming right now, as well!

  4. What a fun discovery! I have considered purchasing a tea plant, but since I don't have a green thumb [and it would have to live indoors during the winter months], I've resisted getting one. I'm happy that your's is thriving.

  5. Mine has been blooming too.
    I have been told to trim them off,
    but really how can we do that. Lovely, lovely, yes indeed.

  6. Wow, your camellia sinensis is doing great. That is one weird looking spider, though.

  7. Oh wow, look at that beautiful blossom!


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