Thursday, March 21, 2013

New teas from Tea Forté

Even on vacation, I am always eager to visit any T.J. Maxx I can, and so when I was at the beach last week I found some new Tea Forté tea bags at a T.J. Maxx there.

This Apricot Amaretto is a rooibos tea with a richly almond flavor, and I greatly enjoyed it. One thing I love about rooibos is that you don't have to steep it as precisely as you do a black or green tea, since it doesn't seem to get bitter. This was a great tea to enjoy with the sweets I indulged in last week!

The Kiwi Lime Ginger struck me as quite an odd flavor pairing, and I'm afraid I didn't care for it. It's made with organic honeybush, organic ginger root, organic rooibos, organic lemon peel, natural kiwi flavor and natural lime flavor, according to the company, all of which I like, but the combination here just didn't do it for me. "Medicinal" is the word I would use to describe the flavor of this tea. Happily, though, the Apricot Amaretto was a real winner, so I was glad for the opportunity to try these new teas.


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  2. Ooooh, I LOVE amaretto so I will be on the lookout for this one, next time I get to TJM!

  3. I am inpsired to check out our TJM and see waht I can find now... I love roobios tea!

  4. So glad you had a nice time at the beach and that you found new herbal teas.

  5. Tea Forte just seems to come out with more and more interesting products. Thanks for your review.

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  7. I enjoy Tea Forte teas and these sound good. Did you find the cookie cutter in any Ft. Walton Beach stores?


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