Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Cheer teas from Adagio

Adagio Teas is another of the tea vendors that had the good sense to encourage Cyber Monday shopping with free shipping. None of that "with $75 order" stuff, thankfully, so I decided to, quite literally, send myself some Holiday Cheer.

The only holiday tea I've bought this year is the Candy Cane Lane from Celestial Seasonings, so I decided to revisit a sampler I tried and vaguely remember enjoying before, only this time I decided to go with the teabags. For some reason I've been on a teabag kick lately. (Maybe it's because I'm getting over the flu and teabags just make sipping tea so very easy!) At just $14, I think this is a terrifically priced gift set as well.

And although I do love my Candy Cane Lane green tea, I vote this Candy Cane Tea with black tea and peppermint a real winner. The scent is divine, and I enjoy seeing the real pieces of peppermint in the tea bags.

The cranberry is a mild black tea with a light berry taste and scent.

And my favorite of the teas I've tried so far is this Candy Apple Tea with real apple pieces in the teabags. You know the scent that hits you when you go in a candle store in the fall, that mix of spices and berries and cinnamon? That's the impression I got when I first sniffed this tin of tea, and the complex blend was just very filling and rich, leaving me the impression I'd just had a nice liquid dessert. The other flavors in this sampler are Chestnut, Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread. Have you tried any new holiday teas lately?


  1. nice "gift to Angela". The only Christmas tea I have tried so far is the eggnogg from Celestial. It smells wonderful, very very delicate tea- almost not like tea at all. But I am tempted to leave the tea bags in the car to fill it with the holiday scent.

  2. Such a perfect holiday sampler!

  3. Thanks for the tips, Angela!

    Always good to know where to go for some new teas! Can always count on you!!

    Have a fabo weekend - hugs,


  4. Looks lovely! I have never tried this company but will have to check out the website. Candy Cane Lane is my fave and I ration it out all year. ;-) Dee

  5. The tins are darling. I will have to go to their site.
    You are the best "finder" of tea things.
    xo Ruthie from:

  6. I haven't tried those Adagio flavors yet...will be looking. I am holding a drawing for Harney & Sons Holiday teas!

  7. I looked at this holiday tea gift pack too and wondered how it would be - thanks for the review.

  8. I don't think we have that brand of tea here but there are lots of others with Christmas flavours. Nothing new for me as I have so many teas to drink now.
    I'd like the gingerbread tea from the gift to you; let us know how it is.

  9. I'm glad that you included yourself on the gift list!

  10. That apple/cinnamon smell is one of my very favorite smells so I expect I would love that tea. Good to know! Enjoy...

  11. What a treasure trove of tea. Hope you are feeling better and the tea makes all the flu bugs go away.


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