Friday, June 15, 2012

Weisenberger Sour Cream Scone Mix

Do you use scone mixes? I'm not opposed to them, not a bit, I just usually make my own scones so I don't think about stocking the mixes. When I received some Weisenberger Sour Cream Scone mixes from Kentucky friends Linda and Lynn recently, I was delighted. I could have scones any time I wanted since the only other ingredient needed was water!

The scone mix, made by Weisenberger Mill in Midway, Kentucky, mixed up so easily. I added currants and had four scones ready to go in the oven in just minutes!

The scones baked up even larger than I expected, and they were quite tender and tasty! I had mine with a little lemon curd and strawberry jam. I'm saving the other packet for "emergency" use when I want scones one day and don't have milk and/or an egg to make them. I think I just became a fan of scone mixes!


  1. I have never used a mix before (I don't for cakes either.)

    I have given a few as gifts in a tea party pinic basket package but never tried them.

    They performed well, they look good but did they TASTE good? So often mixes can taste "preservativish."

    Know what I mean?

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Just like you- I prefer my own but will use a mix of course if someone gives me one! We sell sticky fingers brand and a lot of people use them....

  3. Those Weisenberger mix scones look delicious, especially with currants added.

    I have a coupon for Barista Baking Company scones, so I think I'll try those.

  4. I sometimes use mixed for that very reason - it's so fast and easy!

  5. How tempting these scones look, Angela - and to think, you just add water...that is so neat. Joanie

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed the scone mix. I'm like everyone else, there is nothing like a homebaked scone, but time and lack of the right ingrediends sometimes prevent me from making scones when I would like to eat them. The only ready-made scones in our little town are at the local coffee shop, and those are more like cake with a frosting/glaze.

  7. I've used King Arthur Flour scone mix before, for your reason.

  8. Oh! They look yummy! I'm with you~ prefer to make them from scratch, but sometimes trying a new mix is fun too. :-) Have a happy day!


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