Monday, June 4, 2012

A Jubilee salute to Queen Elizabeth

If we were in Great Britain right now, I know many of us would be gathered at some home or tea shop settling in for a truly English style Diamond Jubilee Tea in honor of Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne! Since we U.S. admirers of the Queen are deprived of that particular joy, this week I'm betting many of us will be paying close attention to the TV coverage of celebrations across the pond. To celebrate from afar, I've pulled out a vintage plate celebrating Queen Elizabeth's coronation on June 2, 1953. The backstamp reads "Edwardian" and (some number I can't read) "ct. gold."

Count me as one of those proud-to-be-an-American Americans who is also a great admirer of the Queen. I am always drawn to those who still believe in old-fashioned "duty," and the Queen has certainly earned her merit badge in that regard! Some of us in the newsroom at work the other day were discussing the fact she and Prince Phillip have to show up at all those factory openings and meet 'n greets with smiles on their faces as the proud locals line up to thank the boss, the workers, the person who typed the program, the children who colored the drawings, the caterer ... Would *you* want her job? I wouldn't. (Some of the perks, maybe, but not the job!) I didn't realize until watching the ABC special about her on TV the other night that the Queen still attends about 400 of those public events a year. At 86? The most strenuous thing I hope to do at age 86 is decide which type of tea to sip while swinging on the porch at my beach house and listening to the waves rolling in from the ocean. (And no, I don't have a beach house yet, but there's still time!).

And to think, Queen Elizabeth was only 25 when she got the job. Can you imagine?

These vintage postcards were some I found in an antique mall years ago, and even though they're black and white images I can "see" the gold of the carriage and the colorful, excited crowd.

So yes, I'm a fan. I can't wait to read how some of the other tea bloggers are celebrating this week (and I know at least one, Phyllis of The Relevant Tea Leaf, was going to a Jubilee Tea!). Speaking of tea, I just knew there would be some special tea blends to celebrate the occasion. If you're interested, you can click on the links below to find out more about …

Fortnum and Mason's Jubilee Tea Blend.

Whittard of Chelsea's Jubilee Tea.

Twinings' Jubilee Tea Blend.

• And closer to home, the Harney and Sons Diamond Jubilee Tea Blend, which is friendlier to American purses than ordering from overseas. (Can't wait for mine to arrive!)

Are you celebrating and/or watching the festivities in honor of Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee this week? I'd love to know!


  1. Hi Angela! Loved your "coverage" of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. BBC America isn't one of the channels my cable provider offers and I was bummed this weekend. Had to send them a message about my dismay! ;-)

  2. Of course, I'm watching with great interest -- she may live to be the Monarch who's spent the most time on the throne -- time will tell -- she may beat out Victoria yet!

  3. Love the vintage postcards! And no, I don't want her job, but I'd love to live in a Palace and be treated like a Queen!

  4. I'm waiting for my Harney and Sons order to arrive too! Since I'm in the middle of moving, I'm going to have my Jubilee tea a wee bit later than most, but I'm still excited to celebrate. The new biography of Queen Elizabeth II has been a very interesting read as well.

    Thank you for sharing those vintage postcards!

  5. Being on the West Coast and close to Canad, I am drinking the Murchie's Diamond Jubilee blend. Quite nice! In a royal purple and gold package. I picked it up on our last trip to Victoria, BC in April. Great post!

  6. I haven't seen much on TV, but CBS had several nice stories yesterday morning on Sunday Morning. Thanks for your write up here.

  7. Hi Angela, that's a very special plate - thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the coverage and thought of you during one of the documentaries: when Elizabeth was about eight years old, they made an outside playhouse for her, complete with scaled-down furniture, drapes and of course, gorgeous tea sets, tea pots and crystal decanters (all 'in miniature.') The playhouse is still in the backyard of one of the castles (and Royal 'little ones' still play there!) Have you heard of this playhouse?

    Hope you're having a great summer,


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