Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some new Dollar Tree finds

Some days we're sipping Diamond Jubilee Tea and reading lovely British magazines, and then other days it's time to keep it real by making a trip to Dollar Tree.

Today is one of those days, and I'm happy to report I found a few tea-ish things on my latest trip, including this Daily Defense shampoo with Green Tea & Thyme.

I like the shampoo just fine, but I was a bit disappointed I couldn't find any camellia sinensis leaf extract on the label. All kinds of other extracts, just not that one!

My next tea-ish cosmetic find was this Vanilla Citrus White Tea shower gel.

Again, I couldn't find any camellia sinensis listed, but I have learned that the all-encompassing word "fragrance" is sometimes where products have the "tea." Considering the price I paid for the shower gel, I can't complain! (And it does smell good, by the way.)

Finally, have you ever seen little pink plastic shot glasses for $1? I haven't. I'm not sure I'd ever been *looking* for them, but I had this brief vision of iced tea samples, or tea bread samples, served in the glasses. Where will I use these? I do not know, but when something's just a dollar I figure you sometimes have to live a little and take a risk!


  1. Hi,
    Your blog is fantastic! :D
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  2. I too enjoy shopping at the Dollar Tree in my town, was there on yesterday.

  3. I would have bought those pink shot glasses in a heartbeat! Even if they were just filled with pink and white m&m's, or cinnamon candies, or something like that, they would be really cute. Little cups of strawberry mousse or white chocolate mousse if one is feeling REALLY ambitious - I can see all sorts of things in them! That shower gel sounds good, too. Does it smell anything like the Dial soap? Because I really like that stuff. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Lots of herbs in that first shampoo, they must have been using the words 'green tea' as in green herb tea'... as I can read rosemary, hops, horsetail, balm, burdock, and more on the label....Very herbal! Funny though, I don't see thyme listed either... is it on there and I can't read it because of the angle of the photo, or is that why it is at the dollar tree, the back label doesn't match the front label?

  5. Those little pink shot glasses could be darling favors at one of your tea parties....fill with all sorts of things, wrap in cellophane and tie with an organza ribbon and place at setting!

  6. Off to Dollar tree.
    The little shot glasses could be used for jam or clotted cream.

  7. My goodness! They do think of everything with pink shot glasses.


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