Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tea Shoppe stamps from Stampin' Up!

Confession: I am a lapsed stamper and scrapbooker. I still have most of the basic supplies, but somewhere along the way I got too busy with other projects and my pretty papers and stamps have languished in boxes and cabinets. That changed last week when my local Stampin' Up! demonstrator (and fellow tea enthusiast!) Phyllis sent a wonderful surprise package containing this great new set of "Tea Shoppe" stamps. "You NEED that set …" she said, and so she sent it to me as a gift!

The stamps are just as lovely as can be, with a large teacup, a design of three smaller teacups (I used one of these on the egg cups shown here), and enough flowers and sentiments to make this quite a versatile set to use!

There are stickers included so you can put them on the backs of the stamps if you so choose. (I so chose.)

And please be gentle with me and keep in mind I haven't done this in a while, but I was right happy with even the very first simple card I made using these stamps. So easy!

It was quite fortunate I still had that file box of unused scrapbooking papers, because I was able to make another card with vintage looking papers ...

… and yet another card with some of the pink and rose print papers I had on hand. I'm sure I don't have to tell you this is quite addictive, and I've been searching for other Tea Shoppe card designs online and pinning them to my Pinterest board like crazy! If you're interested in ordering a set of these stamps yourself and don't have your own Stampin' Up! demonstrator, please feel free to use my demonstrator (Phyllis has a blog here that customers may order from). Or … well, hmmm, should I go ahead and tell you about the nice surprise she and I have planned for this Saturday? Nah, I think I'll wait. If you're a stamper or scrapbooker, let's just say that you DO NOT want to miss this Saturday's giveaway! Stay tuned …


  1. What fabulous projects you have created with those wonderful stamps!

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  3. So Pretty! Looks like you haven't lost your creative touch with your beatiful papers and stamps.

  4. What pretty cards...the vintage one is my favorite. I love the stamps too. What a nice set. I noticed that Michaels had some flat wooden teacup shaped items in their $1.50 bins. I bet you could base paint them and then stamp with the bigger tea cup. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Angela, you are full of surprises. I have been taking Stampin' Up workshops twice a month for over a year now and love making my own cards. I didn't buy this set because I have been able to find lots of tea time stamps from various other sources.
    You make some pretty cards with the stamps.

  6. Hi Angela,

    My mom and I just purchased this tea stamp set (wood version) from Stampin Up. It's really a beautiful set. Your cards are lovely! I can't wait to sit down and create some special things with this set.

    Both my mom and I were Stampin Up demonstrators for over 5 years. We now purchase products from one of my downlines.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Dalrene

  7. You are too modest. You are an talented card-maker, Angela! I would buy them, since I am a tea-lover, too! I especially love the second one! I have a friend who makes cards like this and I love them!

  8. These are very pretty! I stamped several years ago, but like you, I have been away from it for a long time. Life has a way of interfering with some of the more fun activities.

  9. Although incredibly popular - something I know little about. I see so many ladies make wonderful cards and it looks like alot of fun!

  10. Oh my word.

    LOVE your cards!!!!!!!

    You haven't lost your touch at ALL, my friend!

    What a sweet thing she did for you.

    Stampin Up stamps- hands down- are the best out there, imho.

    I actually got butterflies when I read your tease about SAturday's giveaway!

    Keep making those exquisite cards!
    THOSE would truly be excellent giveaways too, Angela!!!!

  11. I'm a stamper and scrapbooker, too, and have several Close to My Heart sets with teacups and teapots (as well as one teacup stamp from Michael's, I think!) that I enjoy using. These are darling, too, and I loved the egg cup idea as well as your cards.

  12. stopping by to say hi! I love these stamps..I might have to get these and they them as cookie/shortbread stamps. Very nice

  13. Very lovely cards, Angela. I love how the stamps are so versatile, and not exclusive to card making.
    Hummm... I may have to check into this.

  14. I think you did a greaT JOB! bETTER THAN i WOULD ever BE ABLE TO DO. lOVE THE STAMP SET!

  15. I just luv luv those stamps.

  16. Stamping is one of those fun crafts I have tried to avoid, as I already have so many supplies for other things and no time. Each time I see such pretty stamps I am once again tempted, but NO! Love, love seeing your cards.

  17. Stamps are so cute-and yes, you definitely needed them :-)
    Your cards turned out very pretty.

  18. I've tried scrap booking and it's not my thing. I would rather sew. But I do want to give card making a try. Yours look great.

  19. Hello Angela, I love your post today ('As Usual!') Such pretty cards - you truly are an inspiration and a 'Renaissance Woman!' I am going to order one of these stamps - thank you for the heads up, Joanie


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