Monday, April 2, 2012

Kicking off gardening season

Like many of you, I imagine, I've taken advantage of the early arrival of spring to get my seeds started and get some plants in the ground. Over the weekend, gardening season began in earnest at my house because my husband bought the straw bales to begin work on our vegetable garden. (More on that below.) While we were at a local nursery ordering the bales, I was delighted to discover some of the more hard-to-find herbs I've been looking for, and over the weekend I potted up three of them into my teacup planter, which I've been getting lots of use from this year. What's planted?

Pineapple Mint, for one thing. I'm so happy to have this to use in flavoring iced teas!

This Variegated Peppermint will be used in my tea as well—and it's just so pretty.

And the Golden Lemon Thyme is something I want to try in chicken salad for tea sandwiches. This plant looked quite healthy, so I was happy to find it.

Here are a few of the 15 bales in which we'll again be growing vegetables this year. Has straw bale gardening caught on where you live? It's getting lots of buzz around here. We tried it last year and were amazed at the yield when growing veggies in bales of straw. If you're curious about this method, go here to read about the lovely woman who introduced us to this unique method of gardening. And I'll try to do a better job this year of updating with more photos once the goodies start spilling off the bales!


  1. I love your little herb garden!

  2. Congratulations for your post!

    I also made some gardening on the weekend (a little, just some flowers and fruits). I invite you to see my post. It´ll be an honor!

  3. Good luck with your herb and vegetable garden. I love your teacup planter! How nice it will be to just step outside and snip off a sprig of mint for your iced tea.

  4. I adore my herbs and do have to replant some -- lemon thyme is yummy and have you tried chocolate mint? (Tastes like a York peppermint patty!)

    The herbs look so adorable in the tea cup.

    I've never heard of bales of straw gardening but I would assume that it works and fall garden clean up should be a snap!

  5. Lots of fun... herbs and tea... we love the combination!

  6. Hello Angela
    That's a cute herb selection in your teacup planter. I have one too with lavender on it but only have an ivy in mine that looks rather lonely.
    My favourite mint is chocolate but unfortunately it doesn't overwinter well here and I have to keep buying new plants.

  7. I had never heard of pineapple mint. I'm gonna get me some :)

  8. Yes, indeed, tis the season to be planting! I can hardly wait. I did try using straw as a mulch many years ago, and found it to be an incredible source of weed seeds and never tried it again. Sounds like your technique is much better than mine was.

    I love the herbs in the tea cups--I have a veggie garden, but prefer my herbs in pots on my deck (much handier for using in cooking).


  9. Great ideas, Angela - I love your teacup planter! And the bales of hay for gardening, very neat. I will be following your progress, best of luck with your garden, Joanie

  10. I love the teapot planter! I really love herbs & always buy some to grow every year. I've started chamomile by seed this year. It's sprouted & I can't wait to get it planted in the ground & make my own tea - it's my favorite herbal tea.

    I haven't done very much outside yet though. I've had too many late freezes or April floods that rotted my garden so I've learned to be patient. I'll plant most things the end of April or in May.

  11. Good luck with your garden. We haven't started ours yet.

  12. I have heard of straw bale gardening, but haven't tried it. Do you have lemon verbena in your herb collection. It is one of my favorites for a herbal iced tea in the summer.

  13. Your variegated herbs are really eye-catching ! I have not seen any variegated herbs so far. Great find !

  14. Beautiful herbs! Pineapple mint is my very favorite of the mints to grow and use in tea. It smells so delicious. I especially enjoy it in green tea.
    Happy gardening! I can almost taste those homegrown maters.
    Love, Carol B.


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