Thursday, December 31, 2009

Planning for the days ahead

As a journal-ist who is also a journal-er, I must say I love having a time of year that not only permits but encourages the acquisition of new calendars, date books, journals, planners and other goodies for helping keep track of the days ahead. The one I am most looking forward to using? This page-a-day tea calendar I won in Bernideen's fall giveaway! I had seen this design in a store last year but assumed it was only a desk calendar, and since I don't really have much "display space" on my desk at work I didn't get one. Upon winning this giveaway I was delighted to discover the calendar also has a super duper magnet on back, so now it's on my kitchen refrigerator where I can enjoy using it every day of 2010!

I received a lovely purse-size 2010 date book as a gift in the fall, so I didn't need to get one of those, but I did make sure to order the vintage ledger style Andrews and McMeel "Birds of a Feather" calendar. It's the third year I've gotten one, and I absolutely love this tall, thin ledger book. In it I write a single paragraph about what I did each day. When a friend saw my calendar and wanted one like it, I was surprised to learn these calendars have apparently sold out and the few copies remaining are commanding rather extraordinary prices on Amazon and eBay, so if you've got one, treasure it!

For the full-size wall calendar at home this year, I picked up one of the $1 cheapie calendars at Michaels, and I must say I am quite happy with this "Collectibles" calendar. The photos include vintage dishes and teawares, old clocks and glassware and other lovelies. Oddly, I have not seen the classic teapot calendar anywhere this year, and that's the one I usually get to hang by my bulletin board at work. I'm still hoping to miraculously find one on the bookstore clearance racks in the days ahead. Do any of you have a new tea calendar for 2010? If so, would you mind sharing where you found it?


  1. I haven't seen the tea calendar this year. I checked Barnes & Noble, but not one to be had. I came home with a calendar with porches and chairs. Then my husband gave me one of pictures of France. The bird ledger looks beautiful. Now I tell myself-how many calendars does a girl need? The tea one is tempting and on the refrigerator would be lovely.

  2. Love your snazzy new site. Are you going to do a tea review of the week agian, perhaps from another book? Loved your reviews.

  3. I'm a calendar/dayplanner junkie too. I can't wait each year to see what's new. I found one at Office Depot this year with pretty water colored paintings. Very soothing. But I really, really like the "collectors" one you found. I love reviewing them at the end of each year to recall what took place.

  4. I'm on the lookout for the teapot one, as well!

  5. If you all like the Birds of a Feather date book - look into the journals and date books offered at Nell Hill's on-line.


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