Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Housekeeping details

Blogs, like desks and closets, need tidying up from time to time, so I am using this wonderful period of "down time" at the close of the year to make a few changes I wanted to tell you about!

1. Beginning Jan. 1, 2010, I am dropping the "ncmag" from my blog's URL and will be simply teawithfriends.blogspot.com. When I began blogging nearly three years ago, I assumed only local residents would ever find me. Happily, that has not been the case, and I've learned non-local readers have sometimes had to search for me out in cyberspace because the "ncmag" pre-fix was hard to remember. This should remedy that. All the old posts have been imported to the new site.

2. If those of you who follow, bookmark, link to or otherwise keep up with this blog would take note of this change and mark "teawithfriends.blogspot.com" as a site to follow, I would be ever so grateful. And will personally cater your next tea party! And mention you in the credits of my first novel! (Well, OK, I made up those last two, but I *would* be quite grateful!)

3. There's also a new header up at the new site, so I didn't want anyone to think they'd gone to the wrong house! Same house but with a new coat of paint, and I hope you like it!

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