Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Craf-tea Christmas, Day Two

A recent trip to Jo-Ann for craft supplies turned up several teatime treasures. First, I found unpainted wooden teacups on sale for 50 cents and bought several of them for painting, decoupaging, and whatever else I decide to do with them! The first one I simply painted with the acrylic crafts paints I happened to have on hand, going for a sort of whimsical design like I often see in gift stores and boutiques. If these pieces get marked down to 25 cents after Christmas, I think I'll go back and buy every one they have!

The teacups come with a gingerbread cookie design printed on them and would make a great crafts project for children. I painted mine white before gussying it up with the colorful paints.

For a hanger to use on a Christmas tree or a Christmas package, I used thin black rick rack which slipped through the pre-drilled hole.

I didn't actually buy all the tea goodies I came across at Jo-Ann (I needed only sequins and baking supplies), but I did want to mention several items that may be of interest to some of you. They have a "Tea Garden" kit for young girls in the games section, a plastic terrarium that grows lemon balm, chamomile, etc. It was $24.99, but with a 40 percent off coupon this might be a good gift for anyone with an aspiring young gardener on their gift list. And I already have a teapot-shaped kitchen timer, but if I did not, I would have bought one of their silver ones, which are just $2.50 each. Finally, these socks featuring teacups and cocoa mugs were also half off, making them less than $2 a pair. I bought a pair for me and a pair for one of you! If you'd like to win this pair of socks, for personal use or even for re-gifting, just leave a comment to today's post by 7 a.m. Wednesday. And happy crafting!


  1. Your tea cup is adorable. We don't have a Jo-Ann store here, otherwise I would be running out there today, inspired by your review of available products!

  2. Your painted teacup looks great - love the colors and the checkerboard pattern. Sounds like I need to hurry over to Jo-Ann.

    I used to have two pair of socks with teapots on them and now I know where I can find teacup ones. Thanks for all the nice gift ideas.

  3. We don't have a Jo Ann's so I would love to win the cute socks.
    Your crafty posts are "almost" inspiring me to do something new. I work w/ a bunch of crafty folk and I should use one of your ideas to share w/ them - let me lie down and think about that-HA

  4. I have to go to Joanns later today, I think I will look for those teacups. Thanks for being so craf-tea today!

  5. It's a snow day here in Colorado Springs! My girls and I love crafting and your last two posts have inspired me to make some pot and cup ornaments of my own. Those socks are adorable!

  6. Love your tea cup. We don't have Jo-Ann's here either or I too would buy some of the cut outs. The socks are cute too

  7. Hey, those socks are AWESOME!

  8. Hi! I've sent you an email but it bounced back. Can you send me an email to stephw3-at-yahoo?



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