Thursday, May 24, 2007

White Tea to Go - In Style!

I was very happy with Lipton's Tea to Go mixes when they first came out, and I'd often travel to neighboring counties' grocery stores in pursuit of the hard-to-find Mandarin and Mango flavor, which was addictive. Now I've got a new favorite: the White Tea to Go in Apple Cranberry. It is great! I carry these little packets in my purse or tote bag to work, and then just fill up a water bottle, shake, and voila, sugar-free, delicious, cool tea.

And if you want to drink your tea in style, here's a "tea craft" I was inspired to make after reading Somerset Life, a great new crafts magazine. Basically, you take a 16- or 20-ounce water bottle and use glue (Elmer's) to embellish the bottle with fabric and jewelry findings and pretty trims. My friend Deberah has pointed out that if you stitched up this fabric piece with Velcro fasteners instead of gluing it, you could whip it off and run the water bottle through the dishwasher.

The slightly over-the-top bottle with the tassels is the one I have for myself at the office; the other two were gifts for friends.


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